About us

Electronics repair expert and Mobile sellers

What sets us apart from other shops

We put a huge focus on customer satisfaction – after all we would not be where we are without our customers. At all times we make sure our customers are kept in the loop with their repairs and we offer free advice and guidance on how to avoid future damage to their devices. Our express service enables our customers to hand their phone in and have it repaired and returned often in as little as 30 minutes.

The status of all repairs booked in with us can be checked by customers on our portal website and as well as accepting walk-ins we also accept bookings to insure a space is secured for each repair.

About us

At Westend Repairs we believe technology repairs should be completed to the highest possible standard using the best possible parts. Cheap parts not only look and function poorly but can damage your device further and often aren’t as reliable as well as higher quality parts. Many repair centres compete in price wars with each other by reducing their part costs and labour costs, to do this they sacrifice part quality and push for ever shorter repair times resulting in poor quality and badly installed parts. At revive lab we only use the best parts available on the market and repair devices with care, skill and professionalism. Whenever possible we will offer original OEM parts and can discuss other high quality options when no OEM parts are available.

We have both our fantastic staff and customers to thank for these achievements. The continuous support from our customers has been exceptional and the constant hard work from our staff to uphold our standards has been excellent.

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